PIT Test

Safe reliable PIT Tests for professional construction

AMD Kagera has an outstanding reputation for PIT testing throughout the construction industry. A PIT test is a vital requirement before foundations are laid, in order to check for problems and help prevent potential construction issues. AMD have over 18 years of experience in this field, offer high-quality tests and thorough analysis.

Pit test

What is a pile integrity test?

A pile integrity test is a procedure to measure and evaluate the deformations of a pile or group of piles subjected to a load. It is a suitable method for testing concrete or timber foundations. Tests such as these offer analysis and data about a pile’s physical size, continuity, and consistency. Integrity testing can determine the condition of a pile (also known as a foundation) that is used in a foundation, column, or pier in a building.

Tests are typically done to determine if the pile is still in good condition or if it has deteriorated to the point where it needs to be replaced or repaired. It is important to identify problems with foundations before building commences. There are obvious safety reasons for this, but it is also more cost-effective. Integrity testing can save money in the long run as it can be expensive to try and rectify these issues once building commences.

Our services meet the required UK safety standards

We make sure that our tests are conducted in a safe professional manner. Our company adheres strictly to the standards expected of a UKAS/BSI certified business and is covered by comprehensive professional indemnity insurance. We are audited internally and externally as we put every effort into maintaining the exceptionally high standards this industry demands.

We offer nationwide coverage for testing

While our headquarters are in Leicester, we enjoy nationwide coverage. PIT tests are available across the UK and we have technicians who can respond quickly to your project requirements. This expansive network ensures that any tests will have minimal disruption to a projects schedule regardless of location. Once a PIT test is completed, the data is analysed using specialised software. A full report will be ready within 48 hours. We work closely with each customer to ensure that testing takes place in a way that causes minimum disruption to a project.

Why have a pile integrity test?

A PIT test gives a company the peace of mind and confidence to move forward with construction. It is essential to troubleshoot potential issues and receive a professional verdict on the safety of your foundations. PIT testing ensures that a construction project is undertaken in a safe, professional manner. It also minimises the risk of foundation problems as your project progresses. 

Contact us for safe, professional testing solutions

Contact AMD Kagera today to book an appointment. We offer nationwide coverage for integrity testing services. Our staff are happy to discuss your options online or over the phone.  Further details about the testing option are available on our website.