Pile Test

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A pile test is an essential procedure to ensure site foundations are safe to build on. AMD Kagera is a trusted UK company with over 18 years of experience in the industry. We are based in Leicester and offer nationwide coverage for premium level pile testing services.

Pile Test

What is pile testing? 

Pile Testing is a non-destructive method of measuring the load-carrying capacity of a driven deep foundation. It is commonly employed as a part of the pile design process and in the construction and quality assurance of the completed pile. The three main types of testing are the Pile Integrity Test, the Dynamic Load Test, and the Static Load Test. 

Pile Integrity Test

A pile integrity test is an essential form of quality control. It is used for both pre-cast concrete and cast-in-place concrete. This type of testing can detect probable structural problems such as fractures, changes in cross-sections, and the like. It is a Non-distracted Test (NDT) method for evaluating pile material, length, and cross-sectional area continuity and consistency.

Dynamic Load Test

For a safe foundation to operate as required, the strength of each pile must meet certain structural and geotechnical standards. A pile load test assesses the pile’s geotechnical capacity. A  Pile Dynamic Analyzer (PDA) used with a dynamic load test will offer a fast, efficient assessment of a pile’s bearing capacity.

Static Load Test

To determine the pile’s bearing capability, a static load test can be performed. The test load will be delivered by hydraulic jacking against concrete blocks and is measured with pressure gauges on the chosen pile. Dial gauges registering against a reference beam will be used to record pile settling.  A minimum load equal to 1.5 times the working load will be imposed to test the load. As a result, it’s critical to take the pile’s working load into account.

Why is it important to test piling?

Pile formation issues can be hugely problematic for any construction project. Pile tests are essential for identifying issues within concrete foundations. As well as being a safety issue, problems with piles can also prove to be extremely costly if left unchecked. AMD Kagera is here to provide a service that will identify any potential issues and offer peace of mind as your project progresses. We have a highly skilled team of technicians, who offer a speedy response and thorough test analysis wherever you are in the UK. You can expect a full analysis and report with 48 hours of the testing, as well as dialogue with technicians prior to the full report being completed.

Every job meets rigorous testing requirements 

The company has full UKAS/BSI Certification and every job we complete is guaranteed to meet or exceed the high standards this certification demands. We are also covered by comprehensive professional indemnity insurance. We conduct tests efficiently with thorough analysis. Customers will have peace of mind that the ground is safe for structural work after we give the all-clear.

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