Pile Integrity Testing

What is a Pile Integrity Test

AMD Kagera is an established pile integrity testing company headquartered in Leicester, United Kingdom. The service that we offer is quick, efficient, and is fully certificated. It provides an essential form of troubleshooting and ensures a high level of quality control for piles and foundations.

Our company excels in service quality and customer support. It is vital to get your foundations right, so let us use our expertise to prevent costly problems in the future. We take the stress off your shoulders, allowing you to move forward with confidence, whatever the project.  

Pile Integrity Testing

Which testing method do we use?

We have experience in utilising a a variety of testing options . these include Pulse test, Echo test, hammer test, Pile Integrity Test (PIT), PulseEcho Method (PEM), Impulse Response etc Impulse Response, etc.

In line with ASTM Sonic standard D5882, Sonic Pile Testing involves tapping the top of the pile using a plastic hammer. We use specialised equipment to record the reflected wave. This signal, or reflectogram, can be deciphered to determine both the continuity and length of a pile. A basic sonic test will measure the length of time between the hammer trigger and reflected wave to determine the length of the pile. It is a similar concept to the Newton’s Cradle toy which was often seen in executive offices. 

Low Strain Integrity Testing

Low strain integrity testing is a low-cost and environmentally friendly method for testing pile integrity in addition to standard pile testing. Low strain integrity tests (LSIT) are used to measure the integrity of piles. Piles are underground structures used to carry water, utilities, and other services over long distances. Piles are designed to withstand a specific load until failure, but the load will vary from one situation to another. The LSIT tests are a method for determining the failure load under a variety of conditions.

Call AMD Kagera for a Pile Integrity Test

With over 18 years of experience in the industry and nationwide coverage of the UK, you can trust us to respond quickly and test effectively. We provide detailed reports of the testing within 48 hours and can offer verbal indicators beforehand.

AMD Kagera has full UKAS/BSI Certification to ISO 9001:2015. It is also covered by comprehensive Professional Indemnity Insurance. Contact us today or visit our website for more details about our pile integrity testing services.