Pile Integrity Test

Professional pile testing service

AMD Kagera has the expertise to provide high-quality pile integrity testing whenever you need it. For more than 18 years our testing has provided construction companies across the UK with risk avoidance and quality control. Completing this process allows them to move projects forward with a high level of confidence. Safe in the knowledge that there are no problems with ground conditions.

Pile Integrity Test

Why is pile integrity testing so important?

There are a number of common issues with concrete pile and deep foundations. Concrete faults, pile formation or reinforcement installation problems can be detrimental to the pile’s mechanical performance and durability.

Bringing in AMD Kagera to perform an integrity test is a guaranteed way to troubleshoot any potential issues. We work quickly and efficiently, delivering a full test report within 48 hours of the test being completed.

How are piles tested for integrity?

A pile is tested for integrity in a number of ways, but the most common are pile load tests and ultrasonic testing. Pile load tests are used to determine the capacity of a pile. 

What method do we use for pile integrity testing?

There are a variety of options for Integrity Testing. Our range of expertise includes Pulse test,hammer test,Echo test, Pile Integrity Test (PIT), PulseEcho Method (PEM),  and Impulse Response. Sonic Pile Testing is conducted under ASTM Sonic standard D5882 protocols. The Sonic test involves tapping the top of the pile with a lightweight plastic hammer and recording the reflected wave. The results undergo evaluation and analysis using specialist computerized equipment.  This procedure can determine the length and continuity of the pile. 

Call Kagera when you need a Pile Integrity Test

Our technicians operate across the UK and are vital in our provision of nationwide integrity testing. Their quick response time allows us to test piles as they are ready, minimizing disruption to your project.

Find out more about our integrity and load testing services on our website. We are happy to receive enquiries online or directly over the phone. Using AMD Kagera ensures your building gets the solid foundations it deserves.